Lidocaine Cream or Lidocaine Jelly is Best for Tattoo Numbing
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Lidocaine Cream Jelly
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Tattoo is the latest trend in the fashion and youth has gone crazy about it. But it is equally painful too. With the help of local anesthetic such as lidocaine cream, this painful process can be made easier and comfortable. You need to apply this topical jelly few minutes before getting yourself inked. It has special chemical in it named lidocaine which blocked the transmission of pain signals to the brain thus giving skin anesthetic effects in short time span. This jelly is also used in cosmetic process to apply before waxing. In medical field too, it is used to make skin numb before vaccination, to ease pain caused due to minor burns, wounds etc. No medical consultation is required to use lidocaine. But if you are having skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis etc then you must ask your doctor before applying this gel on the skin. Mild irritation or burning sensation is quite normal post application of the cream.

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Action Mechanism

Drugs when consumed or applied topically treat the health issues accurately. It is possible because of the capacity of the medication which is also known as mechanism of action. It is actually a series of chemical reactions that starts as soon as you consume the drug. Lidocaine cream also has a particular mode of action that gives the cream its numbing property. By following your doctor’s advice you can make good use of it.

The chemical content of the drug gives it the medicinal properties it has. Lidocaine is the active chemical present in the cream. This chemical start working on your issue right after you applies it on the skin. Nerve cells are responsible for the transmission of the pains signals from the brain to various parts of body and vice versa. This is how we feel pain. Ionic fluxes are important to initiate and conduct impulse. Lidocaine cream has the chemical inside it that suppresses these fluxes and thus carrying pain signal becomes difficult for them. This is how skin gets numb where this jelly has been applied.

Lidocaine because of its perfect numbing properties, used in various tattoo parlors to get instant and excellent numbing effect. This is also used in medical process also such as for vaccination or tooth extraction.


  • It is possible that lidocaine jelly may develop allergic reactions of symptoms in some users. If anyone suffers from allergic signs after using the cream then stop its usage and talk with your doctor.
  • If you have broken or sore skin then does not use this cream. Using this jelly on irritated or cracked skin worsens the present condition of the skin.
  • If you are pregnant then ask your doctor before using this medicine. Discuss the possible risks of the medicine to the unborn child and then go for it.
  • People with history of liver disorders or heart disorders must take expert’s advice before using lidocaine cream.
  • It is not clear whether this drug passes into the breast milk or not and that is why doctor’s advice is much needed if you wish to use this cream and breastfeeding child also.
  • Use this jelly with great care in children as they are at higher risk of developing side effects.
  • Lidocaine is only for topical use. Do not eat or swallow the gel as it may cause hazardous effects on health if consumed.


Lidocaine can be used anytime as per your convenience. You need to consult with the doctor but if you are having skin issues or using other skin creams then meeting your doctor is a must before you use this jelly. Wash and pat dry the skin part where the jelly has to be applied. Spread a thin layer and gently massage the jelly in to the skin. To reduce pain, repeat the issue 2 to 3 times a day. For tattooing, apply lidocaine cream few minutes before you get ink. After applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting the drug inside your body.

Side Effects

There is no drug that claims to be side effects-free. Every medication available in the market has some side issues to offer to the user. Here, lidocaine is also not an exceptional case. This is the topical anesthetic which is used in variety of fields to numb the part of the skin for sufficient duration of time. In some cases the side effects very mild in nature causing no annoyance to the user whereas in other severe natured side issues develop that may ask you for medical treatment. You may experience certain symptoms with Lidocaine cream that are very gentle and require no medical treatment.

This medicine may develop mild irritation, reddening of the skin where the jelly has been applied, swelling and numbness in the part of the skin where the jelly has been accidently put on etc. These are the gentle aftermaths that go away within couple of hours. They hardly take days to vanish. In case if they remain longer than the estimated time span then stop using lidocaine and contact your physician.

In very rare cases, serious side effects may also develop after using this local anesthetic cream. Get medical help immediately if you experience faster and irregular heartbeats, blurred vision, sleepiness or drowsiness and confusion after applying lidocaine on the skin.


  • It is always a good sign to have word with your doctor before using lidocaine as it may interfere with other skin creams you are using already.
  • Allergic reactions may develop with the chemical component of this topical cream. If you experience any sort of allergic reactions or symptoms while using this cream, talk to your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant or wish to become pregnant then discuss the possible risk of this medicine on the unborn baby with your doctor.
  • If you are breastfeeding a baby then do not use lidocaine jelly without your doctor’s advice. Though there are no evidences that this jelly passes into the breast milk, you need to ask your doctor before using it just to be on safer side.
  • Do not apply this cream over broken or cracked skin. If you are dealing with skin ailments then consult with your doctor before using this jelly drug.
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